Making “Sense” of Boundaries

“Setting boundaries is a way of caring for myself.  It doesn’t make me mean, selfish, or uncaring (just) because I don’t do things your way.  I care about me, too.” – Christine Morgan The Journey to Healing (Phenix, Arizona) According to Google, #Boundaries are limits set by people in order to create a healthy sense of personal … Continue reading Making “Sense” of Boundaries

When I Stopped Circling the Mountain

“When making the decision to begin your healing journey, the first and only step is choosing yourself first over anything and everyone, every day.”  -Lindsey Janelle Making the decision to begin my healing journey was not an easy decision for me to make because I started thinking about all of the things that I was going … Continue reading When I Stopped Circling the Mountain

The SHIPS of Life

On this journey called life we are sailing many different SHIPS…  SELFship A SELFship is the most important SHIP you will ever have; it is the relationship with yourself.  You have to learn yourself and understand what makes you tick… what makes you… well… you.  It is very important get to know yourself first, this is where … Continue reading The SHIPS of Life